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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vacation "R's"

My three “R’s” were fulfilled in stunning form over an 8 day holiday at the R-Wild Horse Ranch, in Platina, California  My three “R’s”?  Well those would be reading, ‘riting, and riding.

Reading:  I had the honor of finishing a page turning manuscript, Night Rituals, by Sharon Robb-Chism.  A serial killer is stalking Riverton, Oregon and sending pictures and warning letters to a mild mannered reporter at the local paper.  A homicide detective is aided by a specialist, Marla. Marla is aided by Lucca Borgia, half-brother to Cesare Borgia—a five hundred year old vampire.  Sparks fly as both detective and Borgia vie for the eternal attention of Marla, while the body count continues.  I don’t read a lot of vampire books, but I do love a good suspense/thriller.  Night Rituals actually cut into my barn time, I couldn’t put it down!  GREAT characters.  I look forward to more.

And…A Tale of Two Cities will deserve a blog of its own.  The face-off between Madame De Farge and Miss Pross made me think of Voldemort and Lilly Potter (altho Lilly dies).  Really, it was more like Bellatrix LeStrange and Mrs. Weasley!  Love conquers all. Guess that is why I always loved Dickens, despite his weak women characters, I’m so sentimental.

‘Riting:  Requests for travel and mounted archery articles kept me busy.  R-Ranch fun from Thanksgivings to gymkhanas had my mind spinning with potential articles.  It really is the best vacation destination for hooves and wheels.  Why is it such a secret? 

Riding:  My time with Desejo was golden; every day was a shared gift between us.  Desejo seemed to choose to be with me.  Practicing our aides and cues, we danced on the trails. I think he preferred the engagement to just moving along.  After seeing “The Magical World of Dancing Horses” in Red Bluff we “expanded our repertoire” and again he tried, I tried and we partnered.  I can’t articulate one magic moment, one definitive thing, but the shift, the feeling, a union was there. 

And back in Connacht, Ireland in 1224 AD, what would Eloise of Dahlquin make of this?  Well, I’m already choreographing a sword dance for her, from horseback, of course.   And arrows…hmmm…how dramatic to have an arena full of mounted archers shooting up to the center of the arena in unison…well, darn it gravity will wreak havoc with those arrows, and someone is bound to get hurt. 

Happy Tuesday,

Ride on,
Write on,
Read on.

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Terra said...

Hey Anne, you are having a lot of fun with horses and archery, I can tell.