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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Autumn already

October 31, 2007

Fast away the old year passes; and how negligent I have been to my blog. But such long absence has been spent not in idle waste or corrupted moments of sloth. Nay, I have labored long as a literary agrarian, seeding the nightstand of TBR’s; plowing the piles of TBR’s and harvesting the wit and wisdom of successful authors. Alas, the more I glean, the larger the crop, until the silo overflows upon the ground, taking root, as shoots reach for the light cast by my lamp. A forest now encompasses the bed from headstand to footboard, and still I crave more, tho my treasures block the critical light required to savor each piquant page.

If reading and research were all I was to accomplish, what a fat sod I’d become. Such adventures Roland and Eloise have been having, whether as I rewrite their past exploits or endeavor to commit their new stories to paper and monitor.

Surrey International Writers Conference

October 17-23, 2007 in Surrey BC, Canada. My third, and as usual one of the absolute best writers conferences. Check out the website, buy the anthology, and sign up for next year.

The Master Classes offered on Thursday are two hours plus of in depth, hands on workshops with Jack Whyte, Donald Maass, Hallie Ephron, Cricket Pechstein Freeman and Barbara Rogan. (

For us American writers it is a chance to get out of the somewhat incestuous rut of the US publishing scene (not that I don’t work hard every day to try and be part of that scene!) and experience the vast, rich heritage of Canadian literature. The highest caliber authors, agents and editors are accessible and supportive through workshops, interviews and the Surrey exclusive, Blue Pencil Cafe where an aspiring author can sign up for 15 sacred minutes with participating presenters! All within the lovely Sheraton Guildford Hotel, in beautiful Downtown Surrey.

My next writers conference will be in San Francisco, February 15-17, 2008, I’ve booked a room at the Mark Hopkins, and writers groups pals, Cathy, Pat and I are counting the days. Last year Cathy secured her agent right on the spot! I hope she write a blog about that (!)

Now I am inspired to write a Samhain story, what would Eloise, Roland the children of Dahlquin and Ashbury do during the autumn equinox, All Hallows Eve, and all Saints Day? Once the trick’r’treaters have had their fun, I shall return to the texts.