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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Minds, Bodies and Spirits in Harmony

Happy Bloggers Tuesday.  Mounted archery has a spirituality that few ever get to experience.  Most of us know a horse has a soul. But did you know a bow has a soul?  Consider the possibilities when combined with your own.  Minds, bodies and spirits in harmony.  Zen from horseback.

Last week, Darley Newman of featured my article, Serendipity, Author to Archer following my journey from mild mannered, middle aged woman to Amazon Archer. Distilling this journey only illuminated more paths I need to explore, and people I needed to thank. 

Next up for Equitrekking: Mounted archery as martial art, the three souls, and the global aspect of this colorful and profound activity. 

Then I must write about the horses and the trust and bond forged with mounted archery; places and people and events, with open invitations for you to come and play; Bow Camp; and the international competitions coming up in 2012 and 2013.    

As Vickie Kayuk graciously welcomed me to her LinkedIn herd, I welcome you to join not only my herd, but the global herd of horse lovers and horseback archers.  Security, strength and soul…minds, bodies and spirits in harmony.   

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